NORTHLETTERS is an independent print and online publication throwing a light on the Nordic, its nature, its stories, its culture, the light and mindfulness in life. We present young adventurers, writers and photographers that made life decisions and experiences that might be precious for our readers. Our photographers come from the North, live in the North, travel through the North or made typical nordic decisions towards a more mindful life close to nature.

About the publishers:

Thomas Kettner is a renowned Photographer, Creative Director, Film Director, CEO and Publisher, born in 1960 in Germany and grown up in South Africa. He is working worldwide for more than 30 years for fashion and advertising clients like Boss, Baldessarini, Pierre Cardin, Givenchy, Cerrutti, Davidoff, Lufthansa, Mercedes Benz. Decorated with numerous international awards for more than 3 decades, he is used to support young emerging photographers he believes in. He was member of the board of the German Association of Freelance Photographers and Filmmakers for more than 10 years.

Melanie Kettner was born in Switzerland and grew up in Italy, before moving to the North for University. She studied psycho-linguistic, art-history and history of mentality. Before starting to work with her husband in their agency, she was a psychological coach for many years. She loves meditation and the Feng Shui philosophy: Not to keep to much and too old stuff in our hearts & minds, living in a soul nourishing surrounding. And this way NORTHLETTERS developed: to a place where the reader get positive vibes for their souls, when reading this magazine in the morning with their first coffee…..

And now let us indulge into the world of The Nordic: What does the Nordic mean to us? What is the secret behind the Nordic inspiration? Why is the Nordic a reminder of a mindful life?

Thanks to our wonderful contributors and faithful readers!

Thomas & Melanie Kettner