„Beauty is no quality in things themselves, it exists merely in the mind which contemplates them“.

— David Hume

© Thomas Kettner

NORTHLETTERS is the place where I want to throw a light on the nordic, slow living, nature, mindfulness and design. We present artists, adventurers, magazines who make the difference. I’m living & working near the waters of the north with my husband Thomas Kettner, the international photographer & filmmaker and our family. I studied psycho-linguistic, art-history and history of mentality. I love nordic nature & nordic design. Before starting to work with my husband in our agency I was a psychological coach for many years.

Mindful everyday life, the northern sea, light are my inspiration. I’m quite often looking at the water from my workplace and practice meditation every day. I love having our kids and our wonderful dog around us.The Feng Shui philosophy is important for me: Not to keep to much and too old stuff in our hearts & minds, living in a soul nourishing surrounding.

I like our lively agency life with our team and the atmosphere of creativity at work. We cook in our agency on a daily basis, we prefer a simple  kitchen with regional and seasonal products, which respects nature and animals. We are working a lot in our agency and NORTHLETTERS is the perfect place for balance and contemplation.  It is rewarding for us to support the work of  young talents. My husband was member of the board of the German Association of Freelance Photographers and Filmmakers for more than 10 years. We are very grateful for all these inspiring people who work with us together on this site!

Take good care of yourself! Melanie Kettner