Half of the day we are not on the activity we are actually doing, we are off some place with our thoughts. Science showed that an unfocused mind is an unhappy mind.(Daniel Goleman, Richard J.Davidson: Altered Traits)

We are rushing through the moment, as the next moment would be better than this moment. While making breakfast we are scheduling our day, reviewing yesterday, planning tomorrow, with a focus on problems that have to be solved. We are not in the kitchen, sensing the coffee, we are off somewhere else, missing the moment.

Most of the time we are disconnected from ourselves. We are not aware of what is troubling us, we often are even not aware of being stressed, our mind running wild because of stress hormones in our body. Minor stress can add up during the day and acute stress can become chronic stress. Hyperarousal can be a chronic state of body and mind and exhaustion follows any time soon. Feeling stressed often means feeling helpless. Getting back in control is essential for Recovery.

Mindfulness is a way to stabilize our mind. Mindfulness is a way to become aware of ourselves in the here and now. To breath and see clearly. It keeps our mind from being lost in past or future, we learn to be aware of our constant Judging. Through Mindfulness we put ourself to the inner and outer world differently, the experimental part of our mind gains more space. Mindfulness teaches the ability of Letting Go, we learn to distance ourselves.

Science studies are exploring the effect of Mindfulness Meditation Techniques on the human brain.  Some of the studies show an improved regulation of emotion, and even a positive effect on our immune system in a study about Inflammation in Psoriasis (University of Massachusetts, Jon Kabat Zinn 1998). Mindfulness has an impact on Anxiety, Insomnia and is part of a variety of clinical treatments (Daniel Goleman, Richard J.Davidson: Altered Traits)

Meditative techniques like Mindful Breathing give us the opportunity to wake up and at the same time to rest for a few moments. Mindfulness Meditation does not mean to make the mind blank. Instead, we become aware of what is going on in our body and mind, as most of the time we are blind, carried away by the our Wandering Mind and stress reactions of our body. We wake up to ourself.  Becoming aware of ourself. Noticing thoughts, sensations, feelings without getting caught by them in a wild turmoil. Without Identifying, just Noticing & Watching, Observing in a kind and gentle way. We use our Breath as an anchor to ground ourselves like a ship is hold tight by its anchor during stormy weather and high waves.

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