Class Time Schedule

Here is the overview of your NL Mindful class:
Before the class starts you will get an
Information folder:
Class description & Introduction
Class Overview
Safety Rules
Health Questions

You can progress in your own pace, as you get written lectures and audio files. In our digital class you get personal support from your teacher throughout the class. In our E-Learning version you can learn independently with the possibility to ask questions.

Monday: Wandering Mind- Mindful Breathing- Meditation Pause
Friday: Principles of Mindfulness- How to Practice- Meditation Ease
week description:
We reflect the tendency of the human mind to wander and to lose its attention. We get to know Mindful Breathing and the technique of Anchoring
to maintain our focus. We learn the principles of Mindfulness and we practice our first Meditations EASE and PAUSE. 

Monday: A Mindful Morning- Tea Mind Meditation
Friday: Mindful Responding- Re-Balancing- Mountain Meditation
week description:
We explore a Mindful Morning and take the Japanese Tea Culture as inspiration for our Tea Mind Meditation. We learn Mindful Responding instead of a Automatic Stress Reaction we normally have and explore how we can rebalance faster from stress. We practice the Mountain Meditation to discover our own mountain qualities to face stress. 

Monday: Mindful Movement: Lesson & Audio
Friday: Walking Meditation: Lesson & Audio
week description:
We explore Mindfulness in Movement through Mindful Movement (Stretching, Yoga) and Walking Meditation, we can both use in daily life. 

Monday: Thoughts & Stress- Clouds Meditation Audio
Friday: Allowing the Rain- Calm & Self Compassion- Meditation Worries
week description:
We explore the Willingness to be with what is: Allowing our thoughts, sensations and emotions to be here. We learn Self-Compassion. We practice a Meditation for Dealing with Restlessness & Worries 

Monday: Guesthouse: Lesson & Audio
Friday: Safe Place: Lesson & Audio
week description:
We learn to face the difficulties in life and to deal with physical minor pain better. 

Monday: Kindness I
Friday: Kindness II- Kindness Meditation
week description:
Mindfulness & Kindness belong together. We explore Kindness for others and ourselves. We practice Kindness Meditation. 

Monday: Mindfulness Bells
Friday: The Practice of Mindfulness: Lesson & Audio
week description:
We develop a Mindfulness Bells list and we repeat the basic steps of Mindfulness practice. 

Monday: Weaving your own Parachute
Friday: Congrats!- Hokusai Says
week description:
We learn how to create our Mindfulness Parachute that protects us when times get tough.