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NORTHLETTERS MAGAZINE  throws a light on the Nordic, its stories, its nature, its culture and soul. We meet young adventurers, writers and photographers that come from the North, live in the North, travel through the North or made typical nordic decisions towards a mindful life. The North uncovers the inner calm and hidden truths about ourselves. NORTHLETTERS MAGAZINE brings together the unmistakably Nordic ideas, feelings and ways of thinking and is a guide to better understand how we can nurture and improve our state of mind and the world we have built around us.

NL1:  We go for a winter walk through the nature of Copenhagen with Lise Ulrich, we get to know Iceland with Morgane Erpicum and Frederique Peckelsen, we learn about Alexander Kopitz, a bear researcher in the Arctic, or discover the mindfulness in waking up every morning with Sisilia Tiseli and her deep sense for the everyday beauty. NL1 focuses on the Nordic winter, the colours, the light, the dark, the cold, the fog, the atmosphere and thoughts. The Nordic winter let you sense the magnitude of the North, its pride, its dominance that let you humbly accept that a single human being is always connected to a sublime and mighty fortitude. This insight draws you to more inner calmness and to celebrate daily life more with all its seemingly negligible details.

NL2 is our female summer edition. Summer is the time to slow down and to become more aware of ourselves, our souls and minds, the time to recognize what is doing us harm and what is supporting and inspiring us. Summer is the time for spending time in the countryside, a space to discover the possibilities beyond our outer and inner borders. We meet adventurer Caitlin Fullam who describes the blending of feminine and masculine energy, or Nanje Nowack who reflects the art of self acceptance and artist Laura Lereveur picturing the limitations a dictated world is imposing on our mind. We meet Frederique Peckelsen looking for places that equal her inside, and Lise Ulrich with her poetic interpretation of female friendship. We read Valerie Schöneich’s inspiring story about soul pain and self growth. And Nordic women like Elisabeth Sofie Hovde, Christina Strehlow and Gunn Kristin Monsen describe us their Nordic summer days, near the sea, in a peaceful home in Skåne or in the Norwegian countryside, listening to the sound of the lake and a life full of simplicity and calming beauty.

NL3 is about our home, our SHELTER & SANCTUARY. Our homes, our gardens and home landscapes can change our habits, minds and feelings. They respond to our emotional needs, they are touching our souls, they communicate with us. Home is the place where we belong. Belonging is a deep reassuring emotion. Our homes, gardens and landscapes are a symbol for the process of growing, of leaving something incomplete, they help us to learn to let go, to rest, to accept, to find some peace finally. And thus growing a garden or a home is an ever evolving process, and at the same time with a grounding and peace bringing effect. We learn to live the process, instead of becoming blind while staring at the result. Understanding and creating a home is a lesson for life, where we can practise to give up perfectionism, to accept setbacks and where we can adapt humility.  At home we set the atmosphere for our lives, the rhythm of our days, we restore human balance, far away from the hectic outside world, a space where we never feel lost.


PUBLISHER & CREATIVE DIRECTOR Melanie Kettner was born in Switzerland and grew up in Italy, before moving to the North for University. She studied psycho-linguistic, art-history and history of mentality. Before starting to work with her husband in their agency, she was a psychological coach for many years. She loves meditation and the Feng Shui philosophy: Not to keep to much and too old stuff in our hearts & minds, living in a soul nourishing surrounding. NORTHLETTERS is a place where readers get positive vibes for their souls and minds, reading their magazine in the morning with the first coffee…..

CREATIVE DIRECTOR Thomas Kettner is a renowned Photographer, Film Director, CEO and Publisher, born in 1960 in Germany and grown up in South Africa. He is working worldwide for more than 30 years for fashion and advertising clients like Boss, Pierre Cardin, Givenchy, Cerrutti, or Mercedes Benz. Decorated with numerous international awards for more than 3 decades, he is used to support young emerging photographers he believes in. He was member of the board of the German Association of Freelance Photographers and Filmmakers for more than 10 years.




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