delicate fables of our soul

Images: Silvia Perez Zarza & Words: Melanie Kettner-

When dreaming we get in contact with the unconscious, trying to tell us what we cannot see or feel or understand when we are awake. When we are busy with our daily tasks we don’t have the capability of attending to our inner voice, there are so many stimuli keeping us occupied with responding, with organizing our day. Besides there are feelings we don’t want to accept deliberately, sometimes we try to avoid to handle some issue in our life. Then our dreams resume the challenge to inform us, trying to “talk” to us with a language wich we might hopefully understand. But as it seems, this is a kind of algorithmic and figurative language not always so accessible to us, that needs to be deciphered.

As a psychological coach I worked with my clients on their dreams. It was a rewarding assignment, a privilege to be the person hearing these very personal narrations of seemingly unreal night stories, but not so unreal in the end, rather delicate fables of our soul. I worked with my own dreams too, to learn to adopt dream interpretation. It was a magic time, because the more you work on your dreaming, the more your dreams are talking to you. Behind the dream the unconscious is trying to communicate with our mind.

When starting with dreamwork it is important to have a pencil and sheet of paper near your bed, so that you can make some notes regarding your memories directly, otherwise you often will forget immediately what you have dreamed. The following day you can work with your notes. If you forget the content, your unconscious might send some kind of messages to you nonetheless, nearly  or totally unnoticed by your conscious level. These may be some “signs” as the Freudian slip or forgetfulness, some detail you see, but you can’t get what it means to you.

When we dedicate mindfulness to our dreaming, we will probably be rewarded at times with some significant message. I had a few dreams that were announcing important occurrences in my life. Not so unusual, because we often feel what might happen in before. It is just our brain that is not capable to combine. When we work attentively on our dreams, we learn to grasp the meaning every once in a while and the dreams deliver us oftener with meaning.

Sometimes we dream a dream again and again. Every now and then we just see landscapes in our dreams, or we sense certain smells, hear special sounds or voices, see colours. They might be a hint to something beyond, that we need to understand. If we do, we stop dreaming this dream over and over again.  If we don’t catch the sense, the dreaming will go on. The unconscious doesn’t stop talking to us. Maybe the most important access to your dream are the little details and the feeling you have while dreaming.

In the end, dreams can be disturbing and frightening, no doubt about that, especially if we can’t catch their message. On the other hand they can forecast developments in our life and give us the best advice we can get, as this guidelines consider our unconscious urgent needs, our fears, deepest requests and soul nourishing outlooks and possibilities in our life.The night before I met my husband the first time, I dreamed of a man diving with a dolphin and me attending them in peaceful calmness. My husband is photographer and filmmaker and he loves diving, especially with dolphins. Unbelievable this occurrence, especially as I am not the type of person who loves deep water. When he send me a picture of him diving with a dolphin, I knew that he would be my husband.

© all pictures Silvia Perez Zarza with kind permission

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Take good care of your dreams and yourself dear readers! Yours, Melanie Ketter