after a while she talked to nature

Images: Eeva Mäkinen Words: Melanie Kettner & Eeva Mäkinen-

Eeva: Yep, once again I left my comfy hotel room and escaped to the wilderness. I bet my laptop enjoyed the warm bed.The hike was pretty intense though. The path was icy and included some stairs, actually 300 of them. All covered with 1 meter of icy snow. Not my cup of tea to climb them with my 20kg heavy backpack on but there was no way to return. I just had to keep on going. The nights were well worth the pain. The bruises were nothing compared to the total silence and tranquility what I got when spending the nights over here.

Melanie: Eeva’s strong connection with nature helps her to create the images she dreams about. It’s difficult  for her to stay several days in the wilderness alone. Sometimes it’s very scary to feel this intense loneliness, especially at night. But she has become a stronger person after dealing with those feelings. I asked her what freedom means to her and she said, that she loves choosing the direction she wants to go, without schedules pushing her. Being alone gives her a sense of freedom.

Eeva: How often do you spend a night by yourself? And how often do you think about doing it? Nowadays I do this a lot. I really love it. Sometimes I get a bit scared of noises outside of my tent but I got used to it. I also got used to staying alone in the darkness.

Eeva: After spending all these nights alone in the woods I’ve learned to cope with my fear of darkness. I guess it’s because I understand more how the forest behives and the noises it makes. Now I know the names for the birds that scared me when I made them fly away by accideantally walking too close. I also know how rare it actually is to get attacked by the wolves. Don’t get this wrong though, I’m still a bit scared when I do these overnight hikes alone but I’m just enjoying it a lot more nowadays.

Melanie: Eeva said that for her it feels rewarding when to see how different nature looks during day and night. Especially exciting to her are the Northern Lights, Aurora borealis. This magic light scenery is one of the wonders of this amazing planet. It’s like a celestial dance with moving lights in different colours across the night sky. The dancing lights are due to collisions between electrically charged particles of the sun that enter earth’s atmosphere, they are seen above the northern and southern poles.

Eeva: When shooting the Northern Lights it’s pretty cool to sleep outside. That way you don’t get too comfortable and your camera is ready when the show begins. During last week I did something totally different and slept in a beautiful cabin before our weekend hike to UKK National Park. I watched the stars and northern lights dancing in the sky until I fell asleep. First time in a long time I just layed down and watched them without any stress of getting the shot. Even though I will continue sleeping some nights outside I really needed this experience to remind me to enjoy these moments also without my camera.

Melanie: One night Eeva was on a shooting trip and she decided to hike up to see what she could get from there. The night started extremely windy and she get scared. Nonetheless she tried to keep her focus on taking pictures. But there was something that made her nervous of staying there. After a while she went outside from her tent and talked to nature and herself. Suddenly it was all calm, her feelings and the wind.

Eeva: I think we are meant to meet like-minded people on our way. We share epic moments and we share great stories. Eventually, we all sleep under the same milky way.

© all pictures with kind permission Eeva Mäkinen

At the moment Eeva works also a freelance writer and photography guide.Learn more about her impressive work here and here.

What a courage Eeva has! Have a beautiful week my dear readers! Hope you are in a relaxed  mood! Take care! Melanie Kettner