so small as we really are

Images: Matthew Tucker & Words: Melanie Kettner-

I will never forget the moment I first saw whales on the South African coast. It takes your breath away und you have no words to describe the pure and wild joy about the actual existence of these magic creatures. I don’t forget my heartbeat, my surprise and the facial expression of the few other people standing around us on that  rock whispering and looking proudly out to the sea in expectation. My husband said it’s a matter of luck if some of them are showing up. We were all silent in awe, never daring to expect too much. Then all of sudden a female whale and her calf leaped out of the sea, playing obviously. In this moment your mind goes blank. Everything stands still and is focused on that moment. We all felt a deep respect in this face-to-face- encounter with wild nature. This image Matthew Tucker took from two whales sliding through the Australian ocean is a wonderful symbol for this moment.

Matthew’s drone photography let you sense the beauty of our planet and changes your perspective literally. We appear so minute as we actually are in the universe and it soothes the soul, as it makes clear what we should already know, that nature is majestic and by far more mighty than the human being is. We are only a tiny part of it and it’s good this way. It’s like lying beneath the night sky full of mysterious stars, whispering stories of something beyond our human existence. Another unforgettable experience for me was visiting the Namib desert in Africa und to get to know its vastness. Our expedition group behaved like hilarious children climbing up the very high and soft dunes, eventually falling apart here and there. Some had surfboards for sand and were sliding down screaming and laughing. Before sunset we were all sitting on a dune, quiet, exhausted and drinking beer. Around us just sand dunes, as far as we can look. At some point our guard told us that now we had to hurry up, when there is no sunlight anymore you get lost in the desert. These images of Matthew of the Australian coast are symbolizing our playful encounter with the desert perfectly:

© all images Matthew Tucker with kind permission

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Matthew grew up in Sydney.  He had never picked up a camera in his life until a couple of months ago.  As it happened he bought a drone and started taking photos wherever he went. What you see here on these images is his view on Australia. So important to be in nature once in a while, to breathe its magnitude in and to realize the dimension of our own life as a part of something by far more extensive and powerful.

Take good care dear readers, Melanie Kettner