Your Mindfulness Teacher

Information about your NL MINDFUL Teacher:
At NL MINDFUL, your personal digital Mindfulness class, you have direct contact to your teacher Melanie Kettner during your 8 weeks class and the week after the program. Melanie Kettner was born in Switzerland in 1966. She studied Psycholinguistics and History of Mentality at the University of Hamburg with the University degree Magister Artium.

Your Teacher is accredited as Naturopath of Psychotherapy by the Health Authority in Hamburg (Gesundheitsbehörde Hamburg). She attended the Academy for Alternative Practitioners with Dr. med. Oliver Urban:
She is attending classes regularly at the
Mindfulness Awareness Center of the Institute of Neuroscience and Human Behavior at the University of Los Angeles (MARC) with Director Diana Winston:
Mindfulness Awareness for Daily Living I & II
Cultivating Positive Emotions
Difficult Emotions
Turning Obstacles into Allies

MORE Mindfulness classes she attended:

MBCT Course Be Mindful at Wellmind Health:
NHS commissioned Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), developed with the approval of Prof. Mark Williams and Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn.
Class “Mindfulness & Meditation“ with Jon Kabat Zinn at Masterclass.
Waking-Up Retreat with Sam Harris Nov. 2022, Stanford University & University of California.

Your teacher is practicing Mindfulness Meditation for more than 20 years. She  worked for many years with clients as Naturopath of Psychotherapy in the field of Adjustment of Anxiety and Stress Disorder. She studied Counseling with the Client Focused Method here.

She is the Publisher of NL Print MAGAZINE
More about it here.