Photo: Caitlin Fullam

NL2 is our female summer edition. It has a focus on the soul and gives space to a selection of female contributors from around the globe to express themselves freely about topics that are meaningful for them. Summer is the time to slow down and to become more aware of ourselves, our bodies, souls and minds, the time to recognize what is doing us harm and what is supporting and inspiring us. Summer is the time for traveling or spending time in the countryside, time and space to discover the possibilities beyond our outer and inner borders. NL2 is telling stories about how to become and stay safe, self-aware, strong and well-balanced. It never was easy to define our own constraints and take care of our souls. It becomes more and more important to support each other. NL2 has invited women with a powerful spirit to tell their stories about defining themselves. We want to inspire our readers to free their minds, to discover their braveness, wishes, dreams and goals and to express them.

In NL2 we meet adventurer Caitlin Fullam who describes the blending of feminine and masculine energy, Nanje Nowack who reflects the art of self acceptance and Kam Vachon who inspires us with the art of being less expectant and more grounded in inner balance. Aurore Morisse tells her touching story of being different and artist Laura Lereveur magically describes the limitations a dictated world is imposing on our mind. We again meet NL1 contributors with very personal stories: Frederique Peckelsen who is looking for places that equal her inside, and Lise Ulrich with her poetic interpretation of female friendship. We read Valerie Schöneich’s inspiring story about soul pain and self growth. We get to know Elisabeth Sofie Hovde who tells about Nordic summer days in her home near the sea. We accompany photographer Christina Strehlow to her peaceful house in Skåne, and photographer Gunn Kristin Monsen to her Norwegian country home, listening to the sound of the lake and a life full of simplicity and calming beauty. Elise Boreham reflects the impact our homes have on our inner well being: „Home is what we make it. The more you build it and nurture it, the more it will care for you.“ And we discover the visual world of female International artists Noémi Ottilia Szabo, Marta Bevacqua, Charlotte Lapalus, Elisa Vendramin and Frieda Mellema who create a sensual and dreamy visual world for NL2. Finally we meet Photographer Thomas Kettner, Co founder of NORTHLETTERS magazine.

We invite you to continue reading with Laura Lereveur’s words:

„I live best – most creatively, thoughtfully, innovatively, emotionally, physically, sincerely, lovingly – in betweens. Between beauty and ugliness, or reality and dreams; between within and without. Between dancing and fighting. I wear scarred boots instead of beautiful slippers, and walk through the rotten and the fragrant. I collect stains and scratches, bruise my knees. I find familiars in the wilds, bathe in puddles, hide in ancient trees, curse at skies, take tea with demons.And that is how I have made my life.“

And here a short glance at our NL2 magazine:

Picture: Elisabeth Sofie Hovde

Picture: Caitlin Fullam

Pictures: Christina Strehlow

Picture: Frieda Mellema


Pictures: Gunn Kristin Monsen


Picture: Caitlin Fullam

Picture: Frédérique Peckelsen

NL2 contributors:

Lise Ulrich- Marta Bevacqua- Noemie Ottilia Szabo- Frederique Peckelsen- Christina Strehlow- Gunn Kristin Monsen

Charlotte Lapalus- Laura Lereveur- Frieda Mellema- Elise Boreham- Caitlin Fullam- Kam Vachon- Elisabeth Sofie Hovde

Valerie Schöneich- Nanje Nowack- Aurore Morisse- Elisa Vendramin- Kristina Petrossiute- Thomas Kettner

Creative Direction & Publisher: Melanie Kettner

Creative Director: Thomas Kettner

Layout Design: Astrid Theis

Printed by Druckhaus Waiblingen

Distribution: MMS Ltd. London