Mindfulness Class

“People look for retreats for themselves, in the country, by the coast, or in the hills, there is nowhere that a person can find a more peaceful and trouble-free retreat than in his own  mind, so constantly give yourself this retreat and renew yourself.”

Marc Aurelius-

In 2023 we launch a 8 weeks science based digital Mindfulness and Meditation class for Daily Life.

You will learn several different mindfulness techniques, you can apply in your daily life. This class will help you stay grounded amid the storms of life, dealing more skilfully with stress. You will get Audio Lessons and Text Lectures, you can work on from home, any time it suits you, on your own pace. You will receive emails on Monday and Thursday. You have direct access to your teacher, if you need some advice regarding the program and you can keep your Lessons after the 8 weeks are over. In this Class we have a focus on Breathing Meditation, Walking Meditation, Mindful Movement and short Meditations you can use throughout the day.

Mindfulness means Resilience through Re-Balancing:

Stress is an ongoing and unavoidable topic in our life. Most of the time we are rushing through the day, feeling stressed and helpless many times a day. We are disconnected from ourselves, not aware of what is troubling us, sometimes not even aware of being stressed. Our mind is running wild because of stress hormones in our body, minor stress can add up during the day and acute stress can become chronic stress. Hyperarousal can be a chronic state of body and mind and exhaustion follows any time soon.

Resilience is the capability of recovering from stress. Getting back in control is a vital Resilience factor. Mindfulness means Resilience through Re-Balancing. Mindfulness is a way to stabilize our mind, a pause to stand back. Mindfulness lowers the activity of the Amygdala, the part of the brain that functions as radar for stress, it cannot eliminate stressors or the normal stress reaction, but it is essential for Re-Balancing and for fast recovery, it helps us to reconnect with our inner source of calm.

Lot of our time we spend with planning, regretting, worrying, thinking about the past and future, blaming ourselves in one way or another. Mindfulness is a way to become aware and see clearly, it keeps our mind from being lost in past and future. We learn ways to put ourself to the inner and outer world differently. We gain more confidence in handling situations with a calm state of mind.

„Mindfulness is only one breath away“, Mark Williams, Professor of Clinical Psychology at University of Oxford, says. Everyday life offers several opportunities to be in the present moment. Just THIS-  sounds simple, but it is not, because we are not used to. It takes a while, before we can truly stay with. We are conditioned to rush & accomplish, we all have our duties to fulfill. But to stay in a constant state of “Doing” is exhausting. In this class we practice “Tiny Drops of Awareness” during the day that create new habits and will stay.

Many people fear the word Meditation, even if they are attracted by its worth for health. It might be the sitting quiet we are not used to and the idea of „Emptying the Mind“ sounds scary. Mindfulness Meditation does not empty the mind, it means Awareness of Body and Mind. Half of the day we are not on the activity we are actually doing, we are off some place with our thoughts. Science showed that an unfocused mind is an unhappy mind. Meditative techniques like Mindful Breathing or Mindful Walking give us the opportunity to wake up and at the same time to rest for a few moments in calmness.

This course is for people who currently feel stressed or want to be prepared for the difficult moments in life or for those who want to do something for their health. It is for very busy people who want to learn about Meditation but don’t have time and for everyone who wants to improve communication.

In our life and mind is a constant Coming and Going. It’s far better to surf  than trying to resist the movement of these waves.  As Jack Kornfield wrote: „The waves do keep coming, so learn to surf.“

You can book here directly, feel free to contact us, there is already a list open you can apply for.

If you have further questions or if you want to get the Introduction week for free to learn more about the class, send us an email.

There will be further classes. Stay in touch!

This class is not a Psychotherapy, please contact your medical doctor in case you need to find a psychotherapist near you.

Take care of yourself, Mel