a visual slowdown

Images Mária Švarbová – Words Melanie Kettner- It’s already a while, that I’m in love with this series of Mária Švarbová . I’m happy to share it now- I like the hint of summer, the delicate colours and the surreal, yet clear atmosphere, the nearly graphical reflections. Mária : ““My photographs are a succession of short scenes in which the frontality and absence of contrasts remove any narrative dimension.” I always start dreaming while looking at these calm and positive images. Mária was born in 1988 in Slovakia. She studied conservation – restoration and archeology, however since 2010 she has been dedicated to photography as her main tool of artistic expression. She lives and works in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Symbolizing in some way the isolation of contemporary life, her work is both, cool and yet emotionally powerful. The “In the Swimming Pool” series is Mária’s largest series, originating in 2014 and still developping. Her fascination with the space of public swimming pools contributed to developing her visual style. The beauty of old pools set the tone for these photographs, in various locations in Slovakia. The swimmers seem to be frozen in their movement and the scenery has a dream-like atmosphere with a cinematographic quality. The detachment, Mária creates, allows a visual calmness, beneficial in this fast world with continuously stimulus satiation.

© all pictures with kind permission Mária Švarbová

By the way, this images remind me of the meditative influence regular swimming can have on our minds. It’s always worth a try. Have a relaxed summer week dear readers! Take care, Melanie Kettner

More about Mária ‘s work here and here.