another planet by Morgane Erpicum

Pictures: Morgane Erpicum & Words: Melanie Kettner-

Iceland is a country full of ancient stories, fables, fay, and nordic spirits. It looks like an island of another and mysterious planet, the moon maybe or a region where some other beings hide. Some of us obviously can’t stop looking at this landscape, either as traveler or as beholder of magic pictures as the following ones of Morgane. She captures this mystical atmosphere of the legendary region in her significant images. She shares with us her Icelandic winter atmosphere with soft and icy powder colours. Morgane was born in Brussels and is shooting film since 2015. She is still seduced by analog photography’s grain, textures and majestic latitude. For her pictures she is in pursuit of a sensation of belonging and serenity, that you can feel, when looking at her magic pieces:

Iceland was formed for about 24 million years and is thus relatively young at age, the plateau is located in the North Atlantic Ocean between Greenland and Norway. The island is centered on the boundary between the Eurasian and the North American plate, above a hotspot, the Iceland plume, which might be the cause of the formation of Iceland itself. On Iceland you see volcanism, rift valleys, basalt formations, seemingly unreal craters and geothermal phenomena such as geysers, the island is one of the most active volcanic regions on Earth. Iceland’s wide mass of rivers and lakes are the result of glaciers melting.

It seems as if Iceland changes the visitor in some way. It activates our inner stories, voices and dreams. It helps finding our inspiration and it grounded us at the same time, as the wild nature there is so strong in its appearances that the island fixes you focused on the human essentials, stories and provenience. The Icelandic culture is grounded on the storytelling and the many legends and myths are fascinating us. Interestingly the nordic countries are on the first places in the global happiness rankings for 2017. Norway has jumped from 4th place in 2016 to 1st place this year, followed by Denmark and Iceland. Surely intriguing to seize the reasons for this happiness, personal and social. Maybe to overcome the struggling with a strong nature full of different adversities let you cherish life more, a life that by implication is embedded in the rhythm and presetting of nature.

©all pictures Morgane Erpicum with kind permission

I really love the magnitude of the North, its pride, its dominance that let you humbly accept that a single human being is always connected to nature. This insight draws you to more inner calmness and to celebrate daily life with all its seemingly negligible details.

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Take good care of yourself dear followers! Yours, Melanie Kettner