Kim Høltermand’s nordic vision

This week on NORTHLETTERS: Award winning architectural and landscape photographer Kim Høltermand from Denmark, based in Copenhagen. I like the cool calmness in his iconic artworks, his nordic clearness in lines, forms and colours. Northern buildings and countries are the subjects to his eyes showing us the special nordic mood. Clients include Adobe, Apple, Behance, HTC and Alfa Romeo. He is featured f.e. by DEZEEN, Ignant, VSCO and in publications such as Port Magazine, Dwell, Oak the Nordic Journal, Architecture d’Aujourd’hui (AA) and Cercle Magazine.

© all pictures with kind permission

I honestly must admit that I have a strong focus at the moment on these beautiful colours he uses in this selection of images. I like the combination of soft colour patterns and clear, geometric shapes in sceneries like film settings.

More about his intriguing work here. His interesting instagram account you can find here.

An inspiring week dear followers! Next week I will present you a poetic landscape photographer and world wanderer.

Take good care! Best! Melanie Kettner