born purely out of love for water

Living in the nearness of water means a lot to me. Water is the essentially relevant element for the survival of the human species in many ways and it’s time to dedicate time to investigate this vulnerable topic. Water Journal, Volume 1°, is a a quiet exploration and celebration of the beauty and complexity of water, telling real stories about people’s connection with it. Water Journal is born purely out of love for water, entirely advertising-free and and intended to be kept like a book. Edvinas Bruzas, founder & editor: “We want you to take your time to truly immerse yourself in beautiful and captivating stories, translated through sustainable print.”

© Jason Sutherland
PARADISE — Photography by Zac Milan & words by Morgan Bilbruck: “Never-ending sets kept firing water shimmering with salt as they crashed to shore.With the ever-changing ebb and flow of ocean, it shaped new forces of waves awaiting their turn to be challenged to ride…”


I asked Edvinas, what it meant to him making Volume 1° of Water Journal?

“The first volume of Water Journal is an honest realisation of a concept I’ve been developing over time and having put all my heart into it. I must say it is absolutely thrilling to finally see it come to life. Being a passionate print enthusiast I am honoured to join the conversation within a vast world of independent publishing and I look forward to sharing our stories with like-minded readers.”


5PM, VENICE BEACH PIER, LOS ANGELES — Photography & words by Toby Mitchell:  “Contentement consumed my soul as what I had imagined for years and reality aligned for the first time; The Californian dream was no longer a distant hope of adventure, but my present, right in front of me.”

Edvinas: “I’ve always been fascinated and drawn to everything related to water, be it literal or conceptual. With time, I’ve grown to appreciate it even more and developed a strong connection, admiring it’s simplicity and strength, how it is so delicate yet so powerful, the way it influences our lives and connects each and ever one of us. Besides the fact it’s a crucial element to our survival, there is so much more to it, which inspires me to share the stories untold. It’s a natural fascination that developed into a platform bringing together people who share this passion and showcasing their work that reflect their connection to water.”

MỸ THO, MEKONG DELTA FISHERMAN’S HORIZON — Photography & words by Yoeri Khyrian Jonker “… one of the main reasons for the pollution of the Mekong river is the use of chemicals sprayed on the rice fields to keep the crops healthy. … Despite the current state of the Mekong river, inhabitants are still thankful for what the river has given them. Besides being an important means of transportation and essential for the growth of rice, the Mekong also attracts a lot of tourists hoping to explore the wonders of the canals hidden behind layers of water-ferns and deep green mangrove palms.”

Water Journal is built on a quiet story basis, showcasing visual & written features. The goal was to create long-lasting and valuable content that can be explored and appreciated over the years.

OND LIFE — Photography & words by Leon Foggitt “These men appear to enjoy the winter months as much if not more than the warmer seasons. There is a sense of camaraderie, which increases as the water gets colder. The swim takes on a ritualistic nature. Many people I spoke to claimed that the feeling of wellbeing after emerging from the chilling water stayed with them for the rest of the day.”

Concept, layout, stories and photographies of Water Journal are stunning…Thank you Edvinas for such a wonderful inspiration! More nearness to water and respect for it are our duty for the present and future. Water supply, fishery and the increase of the sea level are crucial and urgent tasks for us. I have always admired people with a special connection to water, like surfers, divers or those who go swimming in the sea the whole year. Maybe a good idea to develop some sort of relationship to this beautiful element.

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One of my next articles will be again about the element water, as we will attend Danish Chef Mikkel Karstad when “Gone Fishing”, his unique new cookbook and much more than that, don’t miss it! Take care! Melanie Kettner