Mindfulness Class

Nordic & Mindful is our 8 weeks digital & science based Mindfulness class, you can work on any time and from anywhere with direct contact to your teacher, Publisher & Naturopath for Psychotherapy Melanie Kettner. Our online class includes Breathing Spaces, Walking Meditation, Mindful Movement and Meditations. You will get audio lessons and written lectures on Monday and Friday with a weekly overview of your assignments and the possibility to get in touch with your teacher. Mindfulness is a form of mental training and meditation technique and has its roots in an ancient buddhist practice. Mindfulness means the attitude and approach of maintaining attention to the present moment experience with kindness and self compassion.While practicing Mindfulness the mind is focused and at rest at the same time. Mindfulness is a gentle Re-Balancing while cultivating the ability of Letting go.

Nordic & Mindful is  based on:
The Mindfulness studies at Oxford University- Prof. Mark Williams
and his 8 weeks MBCT class (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy)
The Mindfulness Research Center of the University of Los Angeles- Director Diana Winston
The Breathing technique by Zen Master
The Breathing Spaces by Prof. Mark Williams
The Mindfulness studies of Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn.
We are following the rules of TSM Trauma sensitive Mindfulness developed by psychotherapist and trauma specialist David A. Treleaven. Your teacher is continuously visiting classes at the The Mindfulness Research Center of the University of Los Angeles.

Stress is an ongoing topic in our life. Minor stress can add up during the day and acute stress can become chronic stress. Hyperarousal can be a chronic state of body and mind and exhaustion follows any time soon. People under stress, anxiety or pain breathe quickly and not regularly. Meditators have a slower breath, indicating a reduced response response. Mindfulness lowers the activity of the Amygdala, that part of the brain that functions as radar for stress. In our Mindfulness class we integrate Breathing Spaces of different length  during the day, enhancing our breathing, concentration and relaxation.Practicing Mindfulness techniques twice a day creates new connections in the brain. Half of the day, about 47 per cent of the day, we are not on the activity we are actually doing, we are off some place with our thoughts like sleepwalkers, disconnected from ourselves, often not even aware of being stressed, carried away by our Wandering Mind and stress reactions of our body. Science showed that an unfocused mind is an unhappy mind. Mindfulness is aiming at waking up to ourselves. Science studies are exploring the effect of Mindfulness Meditation on the human brain. Some of the studies showed an improved regulation of emotion, a reduction of stress and a positive effect on our immune system (in a study by Jon Kabat Zinn 1998 about psoriasis at the University of Massachusetts). Mindfulness has an impact on anxiety, insomnia and is part of a variety of clinical treatments.1)

If you are not sure, if Mindfulness & Meditation is the right tool for your situation, get in touch with us to get more information. If you have experienced any kind of trauma lately do not practice Mindfulness and Meditation alone. Mindfulness can be applied with in person Psychotherapy and in this setting it is helpful with self-regulation.

Practicing Mindfulness when we feel OK is the preparation for those days when life gets tough. „If we practice touching that seed every day while walking, sitting, breathing, smiling or eating, we cultivate that energy of mindfulness. And then anytime we need that energy, we just touch that seed, and right away the energy of Mindfulness will come up.“ Thich Nhat Hanh: Fear, 2012, pg.121.

Price of Nordic & Mindful:
280 EUR for 8 weeks class and personal contact to your teacher.
Please order at: contact@northletters.com
After bank transfer you get your lessons via email the following Monday.
Feel free to send us a message to get week1 for free to get a better feeling for the class.

We are on a summer break, but we respond to messages.

Information about your Teacher:
Melanie Kettner, born in Switzerland in 1966
– University of Hamburg: Magister Artium Psycholinguistics and History of Mentality
– Naturopath of Psychotherapy- Accredited by Health Authority Hamburg/ Gesundheitsbehörde Hamburg
– GwG Counseling with the client focused method of C.G. Rogers
– Publisher of the Mindfulness print magazine NORTHLETTERS MAGAZINE
– University of Los Angeles:
Mindfulness Awareness Center (MARC):
Mindfulness Awareness for Daily Living I
Mindfulness Awareness for Daily Living II
Cultivating Positive Emotions with Diana Winston
Difficult Emotions with Diana Winston
Turning Obstacles into Allies with Diana Winston
– MBCT Course “Be Mindful“ at Wellmind Health:
NHS commissioned Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), developed with the approval of Prof. Mark Williams and Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn
– Class “Mindfulness & Meditation“ with Jon Kabat Zinn at Masterclass
– Waking-Up Retreat with Sam Harris Nov. 2022, Stanford University & University of California

Your teacher worked for many years as Alternative Practitioner for Psychotherapy and is practicing Mindfulness Meditation for 16 years.

1) Tessa Watt: „Mindfulness“ 2016/ Daniel Goleman, Richard J.Davidson: “Altered Traits- Science Reveals How Meditation Changes your Mind, Brain and Body” 2017 / Susan L. Smalley & Diana Winston: “Fully Present- The Science, Art and Practice of Mindfulness” 2010).