NORTHLETTERS is a Publishing House with a focus on Mindfulness. NL publishes:

NL MAGAZINE our Independent & Internationally distributed Print Magazine in London (MMS Ltd.). NL Magazine throws a light on the Nordic nature & culture & soul. We meet young Nordic adventurers, writers and photographers. The North uncovers the inner calm and hidden truths about ourselves. NL Magazine is a guide to better understand how we can nurture and improve our state of mind and the world we have built around us. Through photography and written words, this magazine brings together the unmistakably Nordic ideas & ways of thinking. Photo above: Marta Bevacqua in NL2 Magazine.

NL Mindful is our 8 weeks digital & science based Mindfulness class to cope better with stress. Our online Mindfulness class is based on the research studies at Oxford University and The Mindfulness Research Center of the University of Los Angeles.The Name of our Mindfulness class derives from our NL Publishing House. Our Mindfulness class has a focus on Integrating Mindfulness in daily Life, Breathing Practices, Mediations with different topics and Mindful Movement & Walking Meditation. You will get audio lessons and written lectures on Monday and Friday with a weekly overview of your assignments. You can work on your lessons any time and from anywhere and get in touch with questions.

NL Mindful is  based on:
-The Mindfulness studies at Oxford University- Prof. Mark Williams and his 8 weeks MBCT class (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy)
-The Mindfulness Research Center of the University of Los Angeles- Director Diana Winston
-The Breathing technique by Zen Master
-The Breathing Spaces by Prof. Mark Williams
-The Mindfulness studies of Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn
-The Mindful Self-Compassion by Neff/Germer

Your teacher  Publisher Melanie Kettner is continuously attending classes at the Mindfulness Research Center  at the University of Los Angeles. For more Information please visit the menu of this Website or get in touch:

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