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Photo: Norbert von Nina

NL MAGAZINE Vol 1-3 is our Print Magazine, with worldwide distribution in London UK.

Our homes, gardens and landscapes change our habits, minds and feelings. They respond to emotional needs and are touching our souls. Home is the place where we belong.

Photos: Norbert von Niman

Our homes are a symbol for the process of growing, of leaving something incomplete, they help us to learn to let go, to rest, to accept, to find some peace finally. And thus growing a garden or a home is an ever evolving process, and at the same time with a grounding and peace bringing effect. We learn to live the process, instead of becoming blind while staring at the result. Picture: Lina Östling

The NL3 writers and photographers are seeking out solace in the beauty of homes, gardens & landscape, looking for the comfort and ease of our homes. At home we set the atmosphere and rhythm of our day, we restore our human balance, far away from the hectic outside world.

Photos: MirjanRooze

A home is like a vessel carrying memories. A home can balance us with a deep sense of security, when we encounter it with a soft respect and understanding.

Smell of wood, smoke of a fireplace, fading afternoon light, the evolving morning peace and quiet in the garden- we learn what the place is all about and why this now is our place and our home.

Photo: Andre Reuter

Photos: Gunn Kristin Monsen

Photo: Kristoffer Vaikla

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Publisher & Creative Director: Melanie Kettner
Creative Director: Thomas Kettner
Publication Design: Rowan Collins
Cover Photography: Norbert von Niman
Tree Hotel Front & Back Cover:
Printed by Druckhaus Waiblingen
Remstal-Bote GmbH
Distributor: MMS Ltd. London


NL PRINT MAGAZINE VOL2 is our female summer edition. NL2 has a focus on the soul and gives space to a selection of female contributors from around the globe to express themselves freely about topics that are meaningful for them.

Photos: Caitlin Fullam

Summer is the time and space to discover the possibilities beyond our outer and inner borders. NL2 is telling stories about how to become and stay safe, self-aware, strong and well-balanced. NL2 has invited women with a powerful spirit to tell their stories about defining themselves.

We want to inspire our readers to free their minds, to discover their braveness, wishes, dreams and goals and to express them.

Photo: Noémi Ottilia Szabo

Photo:Marta Bevacqua

Photo: Thomas Kettner

Photo: Valerie Schöneich

Photo: Frieda Mellema


Publisher & Creative Director: Melanie Kettner
Creative Director: Thomas Kettner
Layout Design: Astrid Theis
Printed by Druckhaus Waiblingen
Distribution: MMS Ltd. London

NL1 MAGAZINE: A Nordic State of Mind

NL PRINT MAGAZINE NL1 throws a light on the Nordic, its stories, nature, culture and soul. In NL1 we meet young Nordic adventurers, writers and photographers that made typical nordic decisions towards a mindful life. The North uncovers the inner calm and hidden truths about ourselves.

NL1 is a guide to better understand how we can nurture and improve our state of mind.

Photos: Morgane Erpicum

Photo: Petros Koublis

Photos: Gustav Willeit

Photo: Jon West

Through photography and written words, this magazine brings together the unmistakably Nordic ideas, feelings and ways of thinking. The NL1 artists that are influenced by the Nordic in their work and lives.

NL1 focuses on the Nordic winter as something you can sense: the colours, the light, the dark, the cold, the fog, the atmosphere and thoughts. The Nordic winter let you sense the magnitude of the North, its pride, its dominance that let you humbly accept that a single human being is always connected to a sublime and mighty fortitude.This insight draws you to more inner calmness and to celebrate daily life more with all its seemingly negligible details.

Photo: Michael Schauer

Photo: Fran Mart

Publisher & Creative Director: Melanie Kettner
Creative Direction: Thomas Kettner
Publication Design: Jonas Schwartz
Published in Hamburg, Germany
Printed by DHW, Druckhaus Waiblingen
Softcover edition, paper: FSC Certificate, pages: 276
price: 26,00
Distribution: MMS Ltd. London


Cover Photography NL1: Jon West. Cover Photography NL2: Marta Bevacqua. Cover Photography NL3: Norbert von Niman



Photographers and writers: Lise Ulrich- Mikael Lundblad- Morgane Erpicum- Gustav Willeit- Alexander Kopatz- Frederique Peckelsen- Kim Høltermand- Eeva Mäkinen- Jon West- Caleb Gaskins- Josh Kempinaire- Mia Nguyen- Norbert von Niman- Minna Rissanen- Fran Mart- Michael Schauer- Kristoffer Vaikla- Elmoon Iraola- Linus Bergman- Petros Koublis- Matthew Leonard- Olga Segura- Sisilia Tiseli- Katherine Heath- Rowan Collins- Domonique Wiseman- Samuel Han Park- Davide Rostirolla


Lise Ulrich- Marta Bevacqua- Noemie Ottilia Szabo- Frederique Peckelsen- Christina Strehlow- Gunn Kristin Monsen- Charlotte Lapalus- Laura Lereveur- Frieda Mellema- Elise Boreham- Caitlin Fullam- Kam Vachon- Elisabeth Sofie Hovde- Valerie Schöneich- Nanje Nowack- Aurore Morisse- Elisa Vendramin- Kristina Petrossiute- Thomas Kettner


Lina Östling- Kristoffer Söderlund-Nanje Nowack- Rowan Collins- Annie von der Heide- Johnny Lai Sang- Lisa Reid Mjaavatten- Miriam Hannemann- Lise Ulrich- Norbert von Nina-Kristoffer Vaikla- Valerie Schöneich- Elise Boreham- Frieda Mellema- Andre Reuter- Aore Studios- Gunn Kristin Morsen- Jane Day -Gemma Lewis- Mirjan dan der Meer



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