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NL3 Magazine: Home is Listening to your Soul
Words & Photography MirjanRooze

NL3 Magazine:
Home is Listening to your soul:
am a morning person and after checking the weather I would skip breakfast and go outside. Fleur, the Jack Russel, would trot along. There’s always a dog on a farm. Fleur was a special dog, she knew when a cow was in labour, she would wake up our father barking loudly. We also knew when a thunderstorm was approaching because she sensed it, dogs usually look for a safe spot where they’re nice and cosy. After my father was done milking the cows we had breakfast together. We ate bread, milk and drank tea. I loved to make weird combinations such as cheese and ‘hagelslag’, small pieces of chocolate. Or I combined cheese with strawberry jam. I combined everything with cheese, basically. And if we wanted pancakes our father would get some milk from the cows.

In the evenings we would gather around the garden table chatting while the sun was setting, it is such a joyful sight to watch cows and horses grazing calmly at their own pace. Sometimes you’d see a deer or a bird of prey observing the landscape.

When you live close to nature you notice that everything is in balance. Farmers knows exactly how to keep that balance, it’s in their nature, their soul, passed on from one generation to another, people tend to disturb the peace by creating rules of what and whatnot. I look back at how my father knew every single cow by name. He farmed with so much love that whenever something was amiss you could sense the worries he and my mother carried on their shoulders. Listening to our farmers is key. Supporting local farmers by buying their local products is key. It is of much importance to educate pupils where and how our food is harvested. When you grow up in nature you are in awe with nature and above all, you respect nature, and thus harmony and balance are restored.

The garden was a magical place. My mother, she knew how to create a beautiful serene space. She knew every single flower and plant by heart and created pathways and a little fishpond.

I remember one time that she organized an open garden to anyone who would like to take a stroll. She was proud of her garden and fairly so! Years later my mother became a naturopath. She was well aware that we had to go back to our roots to find and solve our health issues. Over the years I have learned so many things from her and our bond is special. She knew a lot about plants and human nature and spirituality has played an important role in our lives.

The earliness of the day is beyond magic. Everything is so quiet till birds greet you with their morning celebration. The scent of mowed grass, flowers of various kinds sway calmingly, hearing the rustling of the leaves, there you are right in the heart of it.

Those precious moments are the ones I call home. Your soul is completely and utterly at peace, full of bliss and kindness. Kindness towards nature but also kindness towards yourself.

Our soul recognizes people, places, languages, scents, music, cultures, historical events and so on. I love that. It connects the dots, the missing pieces. Instead of feeling homesickness towards any former property, country or any kind of subject, I think once you’ve connected the missing pieces you can learn a lot about yourself. Creating a home starts with making peace with oneself. Growing up I had difficulties in understanding society. It felt as if I couldn’t find my true self within it.

The farm, our home, was the only place to connect all the dots. Because in nature you find answers and it’s true, you learn to be patient. You learn to face difficulties and obstacles in life.

We are all connected, when something of an impact happens in a society or family, it might have influence for years, as its painful energy can flow through generations. That is why communication is key. When you are able to learn about the layers that caused any disruption along the way, slowly, you find peace. From that you can create your own home you love, you’ll become kind and gentle towards yourself.

Home is listening to your soul and finding your purpose in what you do. Collect the things that inspire you. We all have our different paths to follow but if there is one thing that connects us all, it is harmony. Create your own little Avalon and before you start to share it with others, take time to enjoy it yourself first, create your own home and path, be present and feel inspired.

In silence magic happens.

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